Witness speaks about aftermath of deadly officer-involved shooting

Witness video shows aftermath of deadly police-involved shooting

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Investigators are continuing to comb over all of the witness accounts and details leading up to Sunday morning's officer-involved shooting.

FOX19 NOW spoke to one witness who was rolling her camera as more crews arrived on scene.

Libby Freeborn and her husband drove past the scene where women were crying and emotions were running high. That prompted the couple to park their car and join the group of people gathering to see what happened. The couple said they came up to the scene only to see a motionless body on the ground.

"My husband saw him on the ground, I actually saw a cop with his gun pointed towards the body on the ground and so the two of us were of course frazzled," Freeborn said.

In the video that Freeborn and her husband took, you can see three Cincinnati police officers standing beside a body on the ground.

"I think the most traumatizing aspect to me was the fact that he was laying there breathing, basically that his face was in the corner of the gutter," she said.

The camera kept rolling as more emergency response teams arrived at the scene, and during the video, you can see a Cincinnati police officer walking a fellow officer away from the scene.

"I think that every single one of these situations has been caught on tape and so my husband said as soon as we got out of the car he said grab your phone," Freeborn said.

She said the images in the video aren't ones they need to watch again to recall what they saw.

"It was kind of a strangely calm but also surreal situation. Definitely scary, it is scary," she said.

Anytime use-of-force is needed to subdue a suspect, it's the Cincinnati Police Departments policy to immediately begin a review process as to why force was needed.

This is the 4th fatal shooting from a Cincinnati Police officer this year, following the deaths of Robert Tenbrinnk, Paul Gaston and Terry Frost III.

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