Theft from cars down in Cincinnati

Theft from cars down in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Less than a decade ago if you wanted to use GPS to get from one place to another you had to go buy a GPS to stick in your window. Now, without those devices around your car and your belongings may actually be safer.

Theft from cars is common in warmer weather where windows are sometimes left down, and valuables sometimes left on the seats.

"Trying to educate people that if you have things in your car that are visible, that's a temptation for some body who might want to come by and take advantage of that, break into your car and we've seen great reductions on that," Lt. Steve Saunders said.

According to the Cincinnati Police Department's data portal, so far this year, these types of theft are down about 27 percent since 2011.

Part of the credit can go to an effort by Police and Downtown Cincinnati Incorporated to inform the public on ways to keep their stuff safe.

"The great thing about theft from auto is that it is a 100 percent preventable crime. If you keep things that a thief may want out of sight, they are very unlikely to steal out of your car," Downtown Cincinnati Inc. President and CEO David Ginsburg said.

Another part of the credit for the reduction in crime may be attributed to the decline of the GPS.

As sales went down, so did the value of this easy smash and grab item.

"That was the number one hot items for cars being broken into so that helps curb that trend as well. As technology changes and improves, maybe people are less likely to put something in their window or leave something," Saunders said.

Saunders said that old suction cup mark on your windshield used to be a signal to thieves that there was something of value in your car, now there are new markers thieves look for.

"You'd be surprised what someone would break into your car for. So as simple as change in the console or a charging cord for a cell phone, things like that," he said.

"If it looks like there may be anything in the car you make yourself more vulnerable so just put your junk in the trunk," Ginsburg said.

Theft from cars is still an issue that is why the CPD and Downtown Cincinnati Inc. still distributes flyers, reminding drivers to always lock their doors and take your valuables out of the car or leave them out of sight.

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