City plan to combat traffic at The Banks

Sign project could cut traffic
There's no doubt about it - traffic around downtown and The Banks on game days is a problem.

"Traffic's backed up this way and that way, Megan Wolfe, who works at The Banks said. 

The congested traffic is a known issue to City Hall, and there's a plan in the works to help get people around more efficiently and into a parking space faster and it involves more signs.

"There's a proposal for the allocation of four million dollars in available federal funds to provide some improved signage in the area, Cincinnati Vice Mayor David Mann said. 

The signs are called "Variable Message Signs." 

According to a city memo sent out to the mayor and City Council on Wednesday, the multi-phase project will provide real-time messaging of preferred travel routes for people are coming to The Banks.

The memo, from City Manager Harry Black, says that ultimately, the signs will help guide drivers to readily available parking opportunities and will help reduce traffic congestion on riverfront streets.

"I think the sign project would help people who don't usually go down here.  People who don't work downtown or people who just come down here for the games, Kaitlyn Storie, who also works at The Banks, said. 

As part of the initial phase, four signs would go up around key decision points on interstate 71 and 75. 

"If the price of coming to a ballgame is a massive traffic jam that burdens you and takes a lot of time, you're not going to feel very good about coming back,
Mann said.

Mann says he expects the OKI Regional Council of Governments to approve the proposed plan later this week.

I expect that it will be approved.  Itll be very helpful, Mann said.

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