Butler Tech teacher on leave amid video of racially charged comments

Butler Tech teacher on leave amid video of racially charged comments

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - A Butler Tech teacher that was teaching at Fairfield High School has been placed on administrative leave after she made a racially charged remark in a video that was posted to Facebook.

In the video you can hear her say, "What's wrong with you? You Chinese are supposed to make computers and you're breaking them instead."

The school did not release the identity of the teacher, but in a statement said she has not returned to the classroom and the incident is under investigation.

Lou Ellen Doty said she was not surprised by the comments because of the number of people she has encountered. She has adopted Asian born children.

"I have three Asian children and most of the racists comments that they receive have come from adults almost exclusively," Doty said. "You have to wonder why was the student was video taping. I don't think that was the very first comment, truly, that the child wasn't just sitting in class taping everything that was going on for instant replay later. there was a problem."

Fairfield City School Superintendent Billy Smith released the following statement:

"The administration at Fairfield City Schools and Butler Tech were very disturbed when we became knowledgeable about the incident in question. Once building administrators at Fairfield High School were made aware of the incident, they immediately contacted the administration at Butler Tech so that the matter could be investigated and addressed. The teacher in question was immediately placed on administrative leave and has not returned to the classroom. The Fairfield City School District has made a request to Butler Tech that the staff member not return to Fairfield City Schools. The matter is currently under investigation by Butler Tech officials. We do have an outstanding relationship with Butler Tech, and we are confident that they are giving this matter the attention that it deserves."

No other details were immediately available.

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