Northern Right to Life group reports NKU cross display was vandalized

Northern Right to Life group reports NKU cross display was vandalized

NORTHERN KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Members of Northern Kentucky University's student organization "Northern Right to Life" said a cross display they put up was vandalized.

The president of the "pro-life" group, freshman Maria Walker, said they create the display every year as a peaceful way to take a stand against abortion.

The 290 crosses sat on a green space on campus. According to Walker, each one represented 10 babies that die every day by abortion.

"Everyone has a right to free speech, and this is just what we believe," Walker said. "I mean obviously it's going to be controversial and make some people uncomfortable just because they have different beliefs than us."

Walker said one morning, the group woke up to coat hangers on some of the crosses. Then, vandalism was reported.

"Our display was just totally destroyed," Walker said. "Our main sign, our big sign that explains the whole display was gone. All the crosses were torn down. It's just a mess."

Freshman Michael Bailey said his friend spotted the damage, so they jumped in to help.

"We found each and every individual cross," Bailey said. "Some of them had to be screwed back together, and we stuck them into the ground. There is no reason to just tear down crosses."

Walker and Bailey believe the person, or people, responsible were not only disrespectful, but were targeting their freedom of speech.

"This display goes against a lot of the students beliefs here, but we wish everyone would be respectful of that," Walker said.

The display was taken down as scheduled. The group had permission to keep it up for a week.

"We should be able to put up what we want to on our campus because they allow us to in the first place," Bailey said.

Walker said she had a meeting with university leaders Monday, and they are looking into the issue.

She also said this isn't the first time this has happened at NKU as the display has been vandalized several times in the past.

However, Walker said they plan to put it up next year, and campus police will be keeping an eye on the area.

FOX19 NOW  is told that right now, there is not a pro-choice group active at NKU

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