Police: Man exposed himself to child during trick-or-treat

Police: Man exposed himself to child during trick-or-treat

DEER PARK, OH (FOX19) - A 34-year-old Deer Park man is accused of exposing himself to trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

Andrew Jaccod is scheduled to faced a Hamilton County on Tuesday on two counts of public indecency and one count disseminating matter harmful to a juvenile.

He was arrested on Cilfford Avenue Monday night and booked into the jail by 9:44 p.m.

Jaccod "knowingly displayed his erect penis to a juvenile under the age of 13 for sexual gratification while the child was reaching for candy during trick or treat," Deer Park police wrote in a criminal complaint.

Sherry Coots lives across the street from Jaccod. She was also his soccer coach when he was a kid, but said she's called the police on him multiple times.

"I probably called them at least 20 times, if not more. He does drug deals right here on the corner," she said.

Coots claimed she told the police about his alleged drug dealing. Court records show he has a charge for possession of heroin, police also said they found a hypodermic needle in his shoe.

"It's a shame kids can't go out and trick or treat anymore without having to worry about something like that," she said.

Jaccod is being held on a $50,000 dollar cash bond.

His next court date is Nov. 10.

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