Council to Deters: Retry Ray Tensing

Council to Deters: Retry Ray Tensing
Ray Tensing takes the stand in his trial (Pool photo)
Ray Tensing takes the stand in his trial (Pool photo)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati City Council unanimously approved a resolution Wednesday "urging Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters to take all steps necessary to pursue a retrial" of Ray Tensing.

Council members Yvette Simpson and Wendell Young sponsored the measure. It notes that a "strong majority" of the jury (eight jurors) wanted a conviction on the voluntary manslaughter charge.

"Justice must be served regardless of the background and ethnicity of the perpetrators and victims," the resolution states.

"We seek justice whether Mr. Tensing is guilty or not," Young said. "Urging the prosecutor to retry this case is simply our way of saying there must be justice, there must be a decision, and we cannot allow this matter to just languish."

Councilman Chris Seelbach compared the case to the prosecution of suspended county juvenile court judge Tracie Hunter.

He said it would be hard for him to believe "the fact that the same court system would retry a judge for potentially mishandling paperwork has questions about whether it will retry a police officer for killing an unarmed black man. I'm not sure why we're even waiting to make that decision."

Tensing, 27, was fired by the University of Cincinnati Police Department after fatally shooting Samuel DuBose.43, during a July 19, 2015 traffic stop near campus.

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Ten days later, Tensing was indicted on murder and voluntary manslaughter charges.

At his trial earlier this month, Tensing testified that he feared for his life.

A mistrial was declared Saturday when jurors failed to reach a verdict after deliberating 25 hours.

Shortly after, both Mayor John Cranley and Police Chief Eliot Isaac expressed disappointment over the trial's outcome.

"I believe justice is holding Ray Tensing accountable for his actions," Cranley said in a press conference at City Hall.

"Like many others, I'm disappointed in the outcome," Isaac said.

Deters has said he expects to decide by Nov. 28 whether to retry Tensing.

The president of Cincinnati's police union doesn't think city leaders should be getting involved or making any statements at this point.

"I have no comment and neither should any other public official to strive for fairness in a possible future trial," he wrote on Support the Blue in Cincy Facebook page.

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