Families of three missing Middletown women worry for their safety

Families of three missing Middletown women worry for their safety

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Middletown Police are currently investigating the disappearances of three women, and the women's families are wondering if the three cases could be connected.

Brandy English, Amber Flack and Melinda Miller are all missing.

English disappeared first in May 2016. Her family said that she was helping with a homicide investigation at the time - the investigation into the death of her friend, Lindsay Bogan.

English's children want to know what happened to their mother.

"It's harder on the little kids," Robert English, Brandy's father-in-law, said.

The next woman to disappear was Amber Flack. Family members said she was friends with English. 

Flack disappeared in late August without a word. Her father said he just wants to know if she's okay. 

"It's just sickening not knowing," Raymond Flack, Amber's father, said. "I don't know how to describe it really. It's just kind of terrifying." 

Melinda Miller is now missing too. Her family reported that they haven't heard from her since February 19. They said that is unusual and alarming.

"It's just scary to think of what could have happened, and we're worried," Tracey Simpson, Miller's daughter-in-law, said. "Her son is worried and can't sleep at night." 

All three women are in their 30s or 40s and have similar histories. 

Police have said that English and Flack dabbled in drugs and prostitution. 

Miller's family told FOX19 NOW that she did too, and they believe the three women often hung out in the same area near Manchester Avenue and Central Avenue.

At this point, Middletown Police have said that they believe two of the three disappearances, English's and Flack's, could potentially be connected. Right now, they don't have evidence to believe that Miller's case has any possible connection.

Their families still believe anything is possible.


"I'm starting to think they're all connected because they're the same age groups," Simpson said.

"Their physical characteristics are close," Flack said.

"Could be a good possibility it is all connected," David English, Brandy's brother-in-law said. 

The three families said that there is one thing they definitely have in common: they want the women back home


There are reports that there are more than three Middletown women currently missing. FOX19 Now is working to confirm whether that is true.

Anyone with any information about Brandy English, Amber Flack or Melinda Miller is asked to call police right away.

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