Teen recovering after serious crash

Teen recovering after serious crash

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The father of a teen seriously hurt in a car accident two weeks ago in northern Kentucky is finally showing steady signs of recovery.

The accident put four Scott High School students in hospitals.Willis Jones, Sr. says his son, Willis Jones, Jr., is doing much better right now at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. But, it was only a few weeks ago that Jones was living any parent's nightmare.

"That still enters my head.  Will he get better?  Will he be permanently damaged in his brain," said Jones, Sr.

His son was one of the four students hurt in the crash in Taylor Mill. Jones says his son is the only one still in a hospital.  He says his son was sitting in the backseat behind the driver at the time of the accident. 

Since the accident, he's been in a hospital bed.  The questions his father has about his son's condition are slowly, but steadily, being answered.

"Seeing these past six days how he's progressed has relieved a lot of my concern because he has been, each day, showing more and more remembering skills.  He's remembering home. He's remembering our dogs.  He's remembering our family," Jones, Sr. said

Jones, Sr. says things are continuing to go in the right direction for his son despite a broken clavicle, broken pelvis and having his spleen removed.  His father says he's regaining his brain function, his thought process and his cognitive skills on a long road to recovery.

"He is going through extensive physical training.  He's got occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy," Jones, Sr. said.

Jones, Sr. says that his son's best friend, Thomas Howard, was also in the accident. The two were finally able to see each other again for the first time on Monday.

"Slowly but surely, and day by day, he's getting more and more progress," his father said.

There is a benefit for Willis Jones, Jr. on April 8 at Legends Bar and Grill in Latonia.

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