Performance Toyota to display distracted driving simulator

Performance Toyota to display distracted driving simulator

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - Texting-while-driving can be more dangerous than alcohol to drivers (some studies say up to eight times more dangerous). Young adults are particularly susceptible to the hazards of distracted driving.

Now, thanks to a partnership between Performance Toyota and the PEERS Foundation, the dangers of texting while driving can now be powerfully demonstrated in a safe, controlled environment.

Performance Toyota is proud to participate in the Toyota Teen Drive 365- Distracted Driving Experience.  Utilizing the AWARE-TXT Simulator- the world's first, real-car driving simulator, young adults experience the realistic feeling of driving busy city streets, while learning the risks of every day driving distractions under various conditions.

This fully immersive visual and audio experience helps reinforce the importance of safe driving behaviors in an engaging and effective way.

Performance Toyota joins with the PEERS Foundation, a nationwide health and wellness foundation based in Grand Rapids, MI in this important work of safeguarding today's young adults.

The simulator will be at two local high schools; as well as the new Liberty Center Mall soon. The dates of the events will be posted when the details are finalized. This event is made possible by contributions from Performance Toyota.

For more information on the PEERS Foundation and their award-winning AWARE-TXT Simulator, as well as other programs, visit their website at

For over a decade, Toyota has been committed to helping teens stay safe behind the wheel. But we can't do it alone. Together, let's create the next generation of safe drivers.

Performance Toyota, helping teens go places… safely, and putting a smile on parents' faces!