Homemade slime craze raises safety concerns over ingredients

Homemade slime craze raises safety concerns over ingredients

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Finding Elmer's glue on store shelves has not been easy in 2017 because of the popularity of homemade slime.

Homemade slime is the latest fad for kids across the country. Many of the recipes for the colored goo require Elmer's school glue. Supplies have been slim around the Tri-State as Elmer's continues to field questions on social media.

While retailers try to stock up, a Tri-State grandmother is warning parents to be careful about what recipe your child uses to make their slimy solution.

"You think something as simple as homemade slime would be safe," Henrietta Gallichio said. "Just be careful, watch their reaction."

Gallichio believes the slime was making her 13-year-old granddaughter sick causing excessive coughing and loss of sleep due to the violent coughing fits.

"[Doctors] were assuming maybe she had asthma or allergies so they put her on medications for both of those but then the testing came back negative so they could find no reason to justify the cough," Gallichio said.

Gallichio said her daughter was mixing Borax, glue, shaving cream and food coloring to make her slime. There are several different recipes for the slime online, and Gallichio is cautioning parents to be wary of the ingredients their children are mixing together.

"We just got rid of all the slime related materials, just threw them away," Gallichio said. "Within two days the coughing was completely gone."

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