Victims' relatives, former judge react to 'Angel of Death' serial killer's hospitalization

Victims' relatives, former judge react to 'Angel of Death' serial killer's hospitalization

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A local convicted serial killer who deemed himself the "Angel of Death" is in the hospital after officials said he was beaten in prison, and the relatives of some of his victims are sharing their reaction to the news.

Donald Harvey was convicted of killing 37 people in Ohio and Kentucky in the 1970s and 1980s. Harvey has said that he killed more than 80 people.

Many of his victims were hospital patients that he poisoned or smothered while he worked as a nurse's aide. Twenty-five of the victims were at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati when he took their lives.

Hamilton County Recorder Norbert Nadel was a judge at the time of Harvey's case. He said that he will never forget it.

"Donald Harvey decided as the 'Angel of Death' he had the right to decide who lives and who dies, and it was wrong, and he knew it, and he was a murderer," Nadel said.

Cathy Thomas said that her relative was Harvey's roommate. She said that she met Harvey a few times and had no idea that one day, he would kill people she loved.

"Sadness, grief," Thomas said.

Harvey is serving several life sentences. The now 64-year-old took a plea deal to avoid the death penalty.

However, Harvey is now out of his prison cell and is in the hospital. An Ohio prison spokesperson said that Harvey was beaten in prison and is critically injured.

"He deserves it, I'm sorry," Thomas said. "I'm not really a vengeful person, but I honestly feel he deserves it."

"I'm not upset that Donald Harvey has now been a victim himself... not upset at all," Nadel said.

Thomas said that for her and her family, this feels like karma and even brings a little bit more closure.

"What goes around comes around," Thomas said. "I'm not a mean person, and I forgive and forget, but all the families of the people in the hospital, their friends, even the man he lived with, how can you do that to people?"

Officials have not said how severe Harvey's injuries are, only that he is in critical condition. They have not revealed any names of any possible suspects in the beating.

Harvey is sentenced to life with eligibility for parole in 2043.

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