FBI aided local law enforcement in prostitution sting

FBI aided local law enforcement in prostitution sting
Published: Apr. 14, 2017 at 1:06 AM EDT|Updated: Apr. 27, 2017 at 9:53 PM EDT
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SHARONVILLE, OH (FOX19) - Sharonville and Springdale Police partnered with the FBI for a prostitution sting at area hotels this week.

"A lot of what we were looking at primarily was more intel gathering versus actual prostitution or soliciting type cases and what we found on the inside once we got there was a lot of drug abuse," Detective Sgt. Derek Broenner said.

Sharonville police showed FOX19 NOW the evidence bags filled with drug paraphernalia and said the drugs have become more of a driving force behind these operations rather than the money.

"Some of [these women] are being trafficked, we know some of them are being trafficked in our hotels, in our city, in our various cities," Said Detective Sgt Broenner.

Police caught up with eight women during their sting and arrested four on outstanding warrants. Part of the sting operation is offering the women involved the help they need to get back on a better path.

"We can try to get some of these girls help right then and there," the Sharonville Detective said. "A safe place, food, services as far as drug addiction and trying to get them in different programs to get them out of the life to get them away from drugs and to turn themselves around."

Police are also concerned about what is being left behind in hotel rooms after police said drug fueled sex acts are happening at hotels of every rating.

"Be careful going into any hotel. It doesn't matter if it's a high-end hotel or low-end hotel, it doesn't matter if it's in the nicest of cities or the dirtiest of cities… You know, just be aware of your surroundings, just be careful going into places because you don't know who is in that hotel room prior to you to keep yourself and your family safe."

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