Neighbor: Kidnapping suspect was a 'keep to himself type'

Neighbor: Kidnapping suspect was a 'keep to himself type'

BLANCHESTER, OH (FOX19) - Neighbors were shocked to learn a Clinton County man was charged with kidnapping a woman and holding her captive.

Blanchester Police said Dennis Dunn locked the victim, 30-year-old Jennifer Elliot, inside of a pit dug in a backyard shed.

Dunn was taken into custody on Wednesday at his Central Avenue home.

The victim was rescued and taken to Clinton Memorial Hospital.

Police said Dunn had a history of mental health issues.

"He was a keep to himself type of person," said neighbor Emily Noe. "I've known him for five years and he never seemed like the type to do something like this and he never came off that way to me. Definitely not to kidnap somebody"

Noe called Dunn her "best friend."

"It's just really scary knowing that I've known someone for five years and wouldn't see something like that," said Noe. "It's just crazy."

According to neighbors, this isn't the first time there been an issue with the Elliott and Dunn.

"They've been fighting between each other on and off but we didn't expect something that bad to happen," said neighbor Sherri Pettigrew.

Pettigrew said she noticed compulsive behaviors when it came to Dunn.

"Well it's been on and off kind of like obsessive with her, he's been obsessive with her a lot. And she's been trying to stay away from her and stuff," said Pettigrew.

Neighbors who spoke with the victim's mother said Elliot would go by Dunn's home to wash her clothes from time-to-time and she was friendly with him.

They also said they believe he got the wrong idea, thinking that she liked him.

"I can't imagine the horror she must have went through and I pray she is going to be OK," one neighbor said.

Even those who didn't know the two are still baffled and it's leaving some with heightened awareness.

"In this day and age, you're not really safe anywhere. You just have to always be on your toes," said neighbor Cindy O'Neill.

In October of 2016 the victim said she received harassing phone calls and texts from Dunn, but Elliot elected not to prosecute.

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