Students arrested following big fight at Holmes High School

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - A fight escalated into what some are calling a brawl inside a local school building, and now, at least three people are facing charges.

Kenton County officials said that the fight broke out around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon. It's not clear whether the fight was inside the Holmes High School building or another building on the property.

Students on social media called it a "riot" - a big fight that kept getting bigger.

One mother said that her children told her that after lunch, two boys started fighting. More students jumped in, and it kept growing.

A woman who is the grandmother of a couple of students said that the neighborhood and the school rarely have issues. She said she believes this case was a battle of borders.

"Twenty kids in this fight that were fighting against each other. It just became a blowout," the grandmother said. "A turf war against the west side, which is over across town, and City Heights."

A district spokesperson said the school went on lockdown for several hours while police investigated.

"They started separating the kids, you know, making sure everybody was in the right place," the grandmother, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

Covington Police and Kenton County Sheriff's deputies assisted the school's resource officers. They arrested at least three students and said that some of them are adults and some are juveniles.

Police have not released the students' names or their charges. The individuals who were arrested were booked into the Kenton County Jail.

FOX19 NOW was told there are videos of the fight, but we haven't been able to track them down.

"How the kids were just jumping into the fight was ridiculous. I would have been totally terrified if one of my grandchildren would have been caught up in that. It was just awful," the grandmother said.

Covington Police said that there were rumors spreading that a gun had been brought into school and potentially used during the fight. They said those rumors are false.

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