Cicadas make an early return to the Tri-State

Cicadas make an early return to the Tri-State

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - After 13 years, the first Brood X (ten) cicadas have returned to the Tri-State.

An adult periodical cicada was spotted just north of Mt. Airy Forest on Wednesday, the first of the season.

It won't be long before some start to hear their signature buzzing.

If you see holes about the width of a permanent marker popping up in your backyard, it's a sign you have cicadas.

This is the start of the emergence of the Brood X cicadas.

They're supposed to emerge in 2021, but increasing global temperatures is causing some of the cicadas to mature and emerge sooner.

This happened back in 2000, four years before the big emergence in 2004, and is expected to happen again this year.

Besides looking creepy and being noisy, cicadas are not dangerous to pets or humans, and as, Dr. Gene Kritsky notes, we really don't have much to worry about this year.

"This is going to be a much smaller cicada emergence than what we're expecting in 2021," he said. "I'd expect at most 5, maybe 10 percent of the cicadas we normally see in a big emergence year.

"So this is not going to be the cicada apocalypse that we'll see in 2021. But consider this sort of like a little precursor of what we can expect, so you can start planning your cicada parties."

The neighborhoods where the highest number of cicadas are expected to emerge this year (and the buzzing will be the loudest):

  • Finneytown
  • North College Hill
  • Hyde Park
  • Green Township
  • Delhi Township
  • Anderson Township

Elsewhere, only a handful of Cicadas are expected.

So there's nothing really to worry about, just don't be surprised if you see those red-eyed bugs crawling around in the weeks ahead.

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