Students need doctor’s note to bring 'fidget spinners' to class

Updated: May. 4, 2017 at 6:24 PM EDT
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BELLEVUE, KY (FOX19) - A popular toy meant to curb distractions is causing the opposite effect in some school districts.

"Fidget Spinners" are small gadgets with a center bearing that allows you to spin the toy in your hand.

Some experts suggest the low-tech toys improve focus in kids with ADHD and have a calming impact on stressed out students.

They've recently transformed into a must-have novelty, but the fidget spinner craze is spinning out of control.

Fidget toys have caused issues in schools around the country, leading some teachers to ban the toys in the classroom.

A northern Kentucky school district says students must have a doctor's note if they want to bring the toy to school.

"If a student has a medical condition and a doctor is recommending the student have one, please have the doctor submit in writing his/her recommendation," Bellevue Independent Schools wrote on Facebook.

Fidget Spinners have become a distraction to the learning environment at Grandview Elementary, according to the district.

Teachers on Twitter make it clear that the toys are driving them crazy.

"I'm going to have a nice collection of fidget spinners by the end of next week. Hopefully the fad dies before next August," one teacher tweeted.

While the gadgets have been around for years, they only recently gained unexpected popularity among kids.

They can be found online for around $4 and differ in design and color.

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