Pollen about to peak across the Tri-State

Pollen about to peak across the Tri-State

(FOX19) - Have you been sniffling and scratching your eyes a lot? You're not alone. On Monday, the tree pollen count in Cincinnati was 351; a high level and higher than normal for this time of year.

The two most prevalent tree pollens right now are hickory and hackberry. If you're allergic to these trees, you're probably suffering the most right now. Grass pollen is zero for now, but even the mold count is coming in at a moderate level.

Why is the tree pollen count so high? As you've probably noticed, it's been a wetter than usual spring across the Tri-State and that always leads to more pollen.
The tree pollen count will begin to d rop in a couple of weeks and will be mostly gone by mid-June. However, grass pollen season is just beginning. This is why late May tends to be the worst time of year for pollen in the Tri-State and sees the largest number of people suffering from allergies.

What can you do to limit your allergy symptoms? First, try to avoid doing yard work like mowing the grass and gardening until grass pollen dies down in mid-July. This can be difficult this time of year, but try to encourage another member of your family who doesn't suffer from allergies to handle the yard duties in the time being.

Second, since pollen levels tend to be the highest between 5 a.m.-10 a.m., try to limit your outdoor activity as much as possible during this time period.

Third, even though the weather might be nice, keep the windows closed. Use your air conditioner to filter out most of the pollen before it enters your house or car.
Finally, if your symptoms are real bad, make an appointment with your doctor and ask about a prescription allergy medication. This can lead to a major improvement in your quality of life.

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