Meet the "Rollerblade Guy' of Warren County

Meet the "Rollerblade Guy' of Warren County

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - If you live in Warren County, chances are you've seen the "Roller Guy" or "Disco Dad."

Whatever you call him, he's good on a pair of rollerblades and drawing some major attention on social media.

"For some reason I just bought a pair of rollerblades, it must have been during the craze, and put them on and decided to go down my parents steep driveway... that was not a good decision," Bill Kraimer said.

Since that face plant Kraimer has spent years on his blades.

"Life happens when you're out rollerblading. Every time I come out here I see something new," he said.

The pavement is his stage and, for many years, parked cars were the only audience for the man who commonly skates at night to avoid the summer heat. Now, social media has changed that.

"It's nice, I just do it for fun. You know but people respond or a lot of kids... I see them in the car and they wave, 'hey it's the rollerblade guy,'" Kraimer said.

An artist by trade, Kraimer had a hand in drawings for Star Wars toys and medical equipment, some of which is on display at the Smithsonian, but it's what he has a foot in that gets peoples attention.

"I was blessed with some talents and we all have those and we spend the rest of our lives trying to explore what those are, in any form," he said. "This I find art in, it's just like a study in motion. It's exercise and there's creativity involved."

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