Lawyer: Ray Tensing wants to be a cop again

Lawyer: Ray Tensing wants to be a cop again

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Ray Tensing wants to return to his former career as a law enforcement officer, according to his attorney, Stew Mathews.

Mathews said Tensing plans to move away from the Cincinnati area, if possible, now that the Hamilton County Prosecutor has dropped its murder case against the 27-year-old.

Prosecutor Joe Deters announced on Tuesday he won't seek a third trial against the ex-University of Cincinnati police officer.

In an interview with FOX19 NOW, Mathews said accusations that Tensing is racist were the "biggest crock" in the trial.

In his first trial, it was revealed by the prosecution that Tensing wore a Smoky Mountains T-shirt that also had an image of the Confederate flag under his UCPD uniform the day he shot and killed Samuel DuBose.

Tensing claimed it was an old t-shirt and that it "has no meaning to me." Prosecutors argued the shirt was relevant in the case, but a judge banned jurors from seeing it during the second trial.

Despite that, Mathews said, jurors still discussed the controversial t-shirt during their 31 hours of deliberations.

"Ray is a kid who was dedicated to becoming a police officer and who I believe was a very good police officer," Mathews said.

Tensing "had no clue" what to expect when Deters revealed his decision Tuesday, according to his attorney.

"Ray is obviously is devastated by the events of July 19, 2015 and the aftermath of those events," Mathews said. "He is deeply affected by this and his life will never be the same."

When asked if Tensing should become a police officer again, Deters replied, "I hope not."

Supporters of the former University of Cincinnati officer want to see it happen.

Supporters like Lacy Robertson had started an online petition arguing against a third trial. She is also behind the walk and vigil at the Purple People Bridge on Monday, July 24. The event begins at 6 p.m.

Robertson said despite what might be a public perception - there is opportunity for the former officer.

"There are police departments out there now today saying come and work for us we would be proud to have you and they would be proud because he is someone to be proud of," she said.

Others like Brian Taylor of Black Lives Matter Cincinnati believe that Tensing should never be an officer again.

"He has no business being a cop on a certain level, but on another level this is what they are," Taylor said.  "Ray Tensing is why we say there is institutionalized racism. The idea that it would even be up for discussion?"

Mathews believes at some point Tensing will moved out of the Cincinnati area.

Tensing said he feared for his life when he shot and killed DuBose, 43, during a 2015 traffic stop. UC fired him shortly after the prosecutor charged Tensing with murder and voluntary manslaughter.

Since then, Tensing has been tried twice with both juries unable to come to agree on a decision.

The case had been referred to the Department of Justice to review whether DuBose's civil rights were violated. The department could bring a civil rights case against Tensing.

Mathews said he recognizes the case is not yet over.

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