Catch the Perseid meteor shower Friday and Saturday night

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Perseid Meteor Shower (nicknamed the Perseids for short) is one of the best known and prolific meteor showers each year and it's peaking this weekend.
The Perseids are actually tiny debris left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle. Each year, Earth passes through this cloud of debris and as the debris enters the atmosphere it burns up and leaves bright streaks known as shooting stars or meteors in the night sky. We're usually right in the middle of this debris cloud between August 9th-14th each year. This year we'll be in the heart of the cloud around 1 p.m. Saturday, August 12th. Meteors are only visible at night though, so we'll be in for a good show both Friday and Saturday night. The best activity looks to be during the predawn hours of Saturday, August 12th though.
This year's Perseids won't be quite as good as other years. That's because the moon will be three quarters full and that additional light will make it harder to spot the meteors. Instead of the normal 80-100 meteors per hour, there will
only be about 40-50 meteors visible per hour.
As for the weather conditions, lingering showers and mostly cloudy skies will make it difficult to see anything early Friday night across the Tri-State. However, just before sunrise Saturday at 6:48am and the peak of the meteor shower,
it appears many will have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. Saturday night should make for even better sky watching conditions with mostly clear skies for most of the night.

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