Dog recovering after found with collar deeply embedded in neck

Dog recovering after found with collar deeply embedded in neck
(HART Cincinnati)
(HART Cincinnati)

PENDLETON COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - A local rescue crossed state lines to help a dog that was on the brink of death in Pendleton County.

"Their vets took the collar off and it was raw... just raw meat," HART Cincinnati volunteer Shari Wyenandt said.

Clara, the 1 to 2-year-old hound mix was found with an embedded collar.

"The vet down in Kentucky said that if it was on too much longer that she would not have made it," Wyenandt said.

Vets in Kentucky were the first to get a look at the dog after she was found bloodied and alone in Pendleton County. Now, she's in the care of the County Animal Hospital in Mason trying to recover from the severe neck injury.

Dr. Fidan Kaptan said the dogs neck was wounded about 60 percent of the way around.

"[It's] really sad, especially seeing cases like this," Dr. Kaptan said. "That's the bad part of the story but the good part of the story for us to be able to help her out and be able to get her back to normal life and health."

When Clara was found, the vet said she was being strangled to by her collar making it extremely difficult and painful for her to even eat. Although the dog was found with a collar around her neck there were no tags and she does not have a chip.

"If you need to give your dog up, then just take it to a shelter," Wyenandt said.

HART Cincinnati said Clara's medical expenses have been building since she arrived and if you would like to help follow this link to their website.

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