Support the Troops with a night of honors, fireworks and patriotism

Support the Troops with a night of honors, fireworks and patriotism

USO Tribute Cincinnati is making its return to the riverfront on Labor Day weekend and this year's Honorary Chairperson, retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, Doctor Scott Sayre of Advance Dentistry wants the citizens of Cincinnati to join him.

The funds raised by the Tribute provide resources for the USO to assist in the recovery and wellness of our brave soldiers. Over the last 13 years, the USO Tribute Cincinnati has raised over $6 million, and has underwritten programs that provide services to our troops, such as:

  • style="color:#333333;line-height:normal;background:white;">Support programs for recuperating soldiers and their families at military hospitals
  • style="color:#333333;line-height:normal;background:white;">Emergency housing for soldiers and their families
  • style="color:#333333;line-height:normal;background:white;">Family and Community Support Centers
  • style="color:#333333;line-height:normal;background:white;">Operation USO Care Package for troops serving overseas
  • style="color:#333333;line-height:normal;background:white;">Airport lounge assistance centers for deploying and returning soldiers
  • style="color:#333333;line-height:normal;background:white;">Food assistance for junior enlisted military families

Details for the 2017 USO Tribute Cincinnati:

  • style="background:white;">When:  Sunday, September 3 from 4:00 – 9:00 pm 
  • style="background:white;">Where: Montgomery Inn Boathouse
  • style="background:white;">Honorees:
    • Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant General Bennet Sacolick (3-star General), at the end of his career he served as the Director for Strategic Planning at the National Counterterrorism Center, assessed National Security Strategies and provided policy recommendations on behalf of the White House.  Lieutenant General Sacolick is also making his homecoming , as he was born and raised right here in Cincinnati
    • Vietnam Veteran, and former General Manger at WCPO, Bill Fee
    • WWII Veteran, John Steel. The 95 year old flew 65 missions in the same plane as President George H.W. Bush.  
  • style="color:#222222;line-height:normal;background:white;">Fireworks:
    • The event concludes with prime viewing of the Riverfest fireworks.
  • style="color:#222222;line-height:normal;background:white;">Tix: