Red balloons connected to horror movie 'IT' popping up in Tri-State

Red balloons connected to horror movie 'IT' popping up in Tri-State
Spotted in Norwood (Provided)

NORWOOD, OH (FOX19) - The 2017 horror film "IT," which is about a murderous clown who terrorizes children, is inspiring locals to pay tribute with red balloons.

The balloons are popping up in cities all over the country including local places like Middletown, Trenton and Norwood.

The evil star of the "IT" movie, a clown named Pennywise, uses the balloons in the film as a way of making his evil presence known.

In response, people are placing the balloons on sewers, signs and on poles as a tribute to the famous clown.

"It's pretty scary," Isabelle Mackendrick, who spotted a balloon, said.

In some cities, people petrified by the balloons called 911.

"It's just a bunch of people playing pranks," Lacey Mullins, who said there is a balloon in her neighborhood, told FOX19 NOW. "I mean, are we really going to tie up our police force to go out and investigate a red balloon on a sewer?"

Locally, police said they have not seen those kind of problems.

Charles Jones said he's glad to hear that. He's behind the "Red Balloon Army, a group that attached the balloons to spots in Norwood.

He said that while it was inspired by the dark clown from the movie, in this case, they are really just clowning around.

"You're not supposed to be out there scaring the living begeezus out of people," Jones said. "This is just for fun. We all need to smile sometimes."

Some of the balloons that were placed in the Tri-State have since popped or have been removed.

The movie "IT" is still showing in theaters.

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