Police discover 'community' guns hidden in OTR electric meter

Police discover 'community' guns hidden in OTR electric meter
A CPD officer recovers hidden guns in an electric meter (LTC. Paul Neudigate?/Twitter)

OVER-THE-RHINE, OH (FOX19 NOW) - Cincinnati Police discovered guns hidden in an electric meter boxes in the 2300 block of Vine Street.

One officer said the weapons are used for a "community of criminals."

"Rather than stand there with the heat on them - they stash the gun somewhere so they never get caught with it," Cecil Thomas State Senator Cecil Thomas (D-Cincinnati) said.

Hiding the guns allows criminals to have easy access but not run the risk of being caught carrying a deadly weapon, Thomas described.

"Anytime there is a situation where one member of the group may have a situation with something, he knows where to go get the gun and take care of business. Then once he's done... he goes and puts it back," he said.

This isn't the first time Cincinnati Police have found "community guns."

Last month, guns and drugs were found hidden in a vacant lot on Vine street.

Police said these guns are being used by criminals looking to commit crimes.

"Now they're going to get wise to that and try to come up with some other way so the weapons can not be found," Thomas said.

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