Ohio superintendent suspended for pulling down school board member's pants

Updated: Oct. 3, 2017 at 10:10 AM EDT
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MAPLE HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - The superintendent of a suburban Cleveland school district is suspended after a controversial video surfaced showing him pulling down the pants of school board member.

A surveillance camera captured the incident last month at a Maple Heights High School football game.

WATCH video here

The video shows Maple Heights City Schools Superintendent Charles Keenan walking up to School Board Member Michael White, grabbing his pants and yanking them down on Aug. 25.

White, who was offended by the incident, complained to the Maple Heights Board of Education.

"My reaction was disbelief; very unsure of what to do," said Board President Pamela Crews.

Crews and the board eventually decided on a 10-day suspension with no pay.

Keenan said he felt "regret and embarrassment. I never intended for the pants to come off the hips."

He said he intended it to be a playful moment.

Apart from the security camera, very few people witnessed the incident.

This is not the first time the education leader has gotten into trouble.

In 2015, Keenan was charged with OVI, which was later reduced to failure to control.

He pleaded no contest.

He said the board addressed it at the time, but that there was no discipline.

Keenan said he was not drinking when the de-pantsing occurred.

"It's a lesson for all of us you know, impulse a little reaction you know you may have one intent but something goes awry and it can hurt somebody," said Crews.

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