Businesses welcomed extra foot traffic during BLINK

Businesses welcomed extra foot traffic during BLINK

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Over the last four days BLINK's displays have wowed spectators. The interactive display and larger than life projections kept people walking from block to block, which was welcoming news to local businesses.

Caroline Bell is a sales associate at Elm and Iron and said traffic increased at the store. She said the light displays are drawing audiences and shoppers from far and wide.

"It's been amazing. I mean the amount of people from the suburbs of Cincinnati, and even like from Indianapolis, Columbus, Cleveland, down south are coming into from all over," she said.

Other area businesses said sales are up.

"We were 50 percent ahead in sales," owner of Mica Carolyn Deininger said.

Even after being in business for some time, she said Blink brought in a new crowd.

"We just have a ton of people telling us that they are seeing the store for the first time. Just super exciting for us. We've been here ten years., never seen anything like it," Deininger said.

The hope now is that the new foot traffic will remember their steps for this upcoming holiday season.

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