Someone went surfing in downtown Dayton and chaos ensued

Someone went surfing in downtown Dayton and chaos ensued
Source: Shannon Thomas, Facebook

DAYTON, OH (FOX19) - If someone told you they were planning to spend the day surfing in downtown Dayton, you probably won't believe them.

That's likely why several 911 calls were made Monday. Callers reported, according to the Dayton Daily News, two people potentially drowning in the Great Miami River.

Video of someone surfing was posted Monday to Facebook -- the post hints the "fire chief was not happy."

In a subsequent post, Shannon Thomas says first responders "were just doing their jobs."

Thomas wrote "inducing panic" was mentioned Monday, but the Daily News reports no one was cited.

Val Hunt Beerbower, PR and communication manager with the Downtown Dayton Partnership, said the person was surfing on a newly installed feature called the River Run.

"Now people surf in downtown Dayton often, but not usually when the water is so high," said Hunt Beerbower. "Shannon is a pro, sponsored by a stand-up paddle board company."

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