Bobcats caught on camera in Boone Co. cause concern on social media

Updated: Nov. 20, 2017 at 10:07 PM EST
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Wildlife Properties LLC
Wildlife Properties LLC

BOONE CO., KY (FOX19) - A post on social media that includes images of two bobcats on two different properties in Boone County is making waves online with nearly 2,000 views and counting.

Wildlife Properties LLC., a company connected to the hunting industry, posted the photos on Facebook.

The president of the business, Buster Craddock, said property owners sent him the images that were captured on trail cams. One of the bobcats was seen on camera on land near Petersburg while the other was spotted on camera near CVG.

"I was impressed," Buster said. "First time I'd seen those clear of pictures locally."

Buster said seeing a bobcat is actually pretty rare, although sightings have seemingly increased in the area.

"Coonhunted all my life, deer hunted, spent a lot of time in the woods, but never have seen one," Buster said.

After Buster posted the photos on his company's Facebook page, the post started circulating rapidly online, with comments ranging from "That's awesome. They're so cool!" to "Everyone watch your small pets!"

"A lot of people concerned, really no concern," Buster said. "They're just lucky to get a picture of them."

The reality is that both wildlife researchers and experts alike have said that bobcats are not a threat to humans and typically stay away from dogs..

"Bobcats are amazing animals," John Craddock, a local hunter, said. "They're not going to run up and snatch your dog off the sidewalk. They mainly stick to the woods."

In a 2012 Department of Energy article, Dr. Suzanne Prange, Ohio DOW Wildlife Research Biologist, was quoted saying, “bobcats are not a threat to humans and will avoid dogs, so I don't think hikers have anything to worry about in regard to bobcats and safety."

In fact, animal experts such as Dr. Prange have said because the animals are nocturnal, someone could go an entire lifetime without ever coming across one.

"They're timid. If they catch a house cat in the woods or something like that I'm sure they're going to take advantage of it, but I wouldn't look for them to come into your yard or around your house," Buster said. "For the most part, they're more afraid of you than you are of them."
To learn more about bobcats, including their typical food habits and habitats, go to the ODNR Division of Wildlife's website.

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