Fort Thomas considering deer contraceptive program to control population

Fort Thomas considering deer contraceptive program
Updated: Nov. 22, 2017 at 9:25 PM EST
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FORT THOMAS, KY (FOX19) - Residents in Fort Thomas are starting to feel a bit overcrowded with deer. The City Council is exploring the ideas to thin out the herd including birth control.

In many cases, a rare sighting of a deer through the trees can be serene. However, Fort Thomas residents said the deer are populating rapidly and more are moving in closer into the city.

"They're kind of everywhere. They're pretty used to people and they'll hang out in people's yards," said Lisa Kelly, a Fort Thomas Council Member.

Residents said they are also darting out onto the roads. Kelly said the number of deer related crashes are up.

"There was on I saw last night or right afterward and especially this time of the year it's hunting season so they're more erratic and they're darting through traffic and things like that," she said.

Around 10 years ago, the city introduced a bow and arrow deer hunting season to try to control the growing population but it hasn't been working, so now are considering a deer birth control program.

"It's safe the deer are darted and it leaves a dye so you know the deer who you targeted," said Kelly.

She said the injection lasts two years and the darts would cost around $75 a piece.

Sally Gaskins live near a wooded area. She is not a fan of residents hunting the deer near her home, especially after watching one die.

"It happened here three weeks ago. A big buck died on our sidewalk and our grandchildren saw it," she said.

She said she also doesn't feel safe with arrows flying through the community.

"It's not as if its in an open field that is out in the country. It's in a populated area and that's what concerns us with our children and grandchildren," Gaskins said.

She and several other residents in the community support the deer contraception program. In fact a small group in the city raised $5,500 to help pay for the program.

"I think it's kind of a win, win for everyone no matter what side of the issue they're on," said Kelly. She said other areas including Clifton have tried the program and it has been successful.

Fish and Wildlife will attend the city's next meeting to give their recommendations then the council will begin finalizing their plans.

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