'The Who' concert victims remembered 38 years later

'The Who' concert victims remembered 38 years later

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Sunday marks 38 years since "The Who" concert tragedy that happened in downtown Cincinnati.

11 people died as thousands flooded into the concert in a stampede inside what is now US Bank Arena.

Saturday, the Tri-State remembered the lives lost.

38 years later, dark memories still haunt the survivors of the concert.

"We lost 11 bright shining lights in our community and I along with the members of our foundation and some of the family members believe that we just want to remember their loved ones the way that they want them remembered," said Thomas Brown.

To this day, it's difficult for many to come to the spot where almost four decades earlier, the weight of the crowd pushing towards the concert gates took the lives of 11 victims.

The youngest was just 15 years old.

"We want to remember who we lost, instead of how we lost them," said Brown.

Those 11 names were all Tri-State residents, many of them teenagers out for what should have been a memorable night of music.

"They had their whole lives ahead of them and they were all just kids growing up and experiencing a lot of things for the first time," said Brown. "This was Jackie Eckerle and Karen Morrison's first concert ever. And, it shouldn't have been their last."

From 1979 to 2017, the memories of that night still draw tears from loved ones who will never forget.

"They miss their loved ones to this day and that impact on their lives was rippled down to their children's lives," said Brown.

So each year the flames flicker as the light shines on lives lost.

There was also an event held last night at Finneytown High School to remember three students who were among the 11 killed.

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