Referee speaks after being assaulted at game

Referee speaks after being assaulted at game

PEEBLES, OH (FOX19) - The father and grandfather of a Jr. High School basketball player pleaded guilty to misdemeanor crimes after the father hit a referee twice.

The Peebles Police Department and Peebles Jr/Sr High School Administration confirm and altercation occurred after the two spectators were thrown out of the game.

The official saw the two men out of the gymnasium where more words were exchanged and the father hit the referee twice.

"The father had… exchanged some words and his son went and struck him twice," Peebles Police Chief Robert Music said. "It just happened so fast, honestly. You know, after looking at the videos and stuff like that, it just happened. It was extremely fast."

The father was charged with a misdemeanor assault charge and the grandfather faced a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct.

"I just happened to look out and see him and I am pretty upset after what he said to us coming out of the bleachers so I stepped about a foot out of the gym, told him he had to get the hell out of there." Tom Smith, a referee of almost two decades said, "I thought, well I'm getting ready. I knew he was going to do something. So, he grabs me and holds me and next thing I knew he drills me... and I say, 'well that's all you got? Do it again,' so he did it again"

Police confirm the two men both pleaded guilty and neither has a criminal history.

They had court and they both plead guilty to their charges, "their emotions just got to them," Music said.

"Some of these fans just think it's the NBA Finals or something, I don't know. They get a little carried away and they just need to calm down, you know. It's a ball game people, it's a ball game." Smith said.

The school has banned both men from attending future events.

Smith, the referee who was struck, was back to work on Thursday and his colleagues said he is doing fine.

At the time of the incident, the Peebles Police report had not yet been finalized.

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