Cherry 'thing-a-lings' draw thousands to Indiana town

Cherry 'thing-a-lings' draw thousands to Indiana town

BATESVILLE, IN (FOX19) - Half doughnut, half fritter and resembling a chicken wing -- "thing-a-lings" will take over an Indiana town this weekend.

Schmidt Bakery in Batesville, Indiana cranks out the famous treats to celebrate Presidents' Day, but you can only get a hold of these sweet, crunchy fried treats during President's Day weekend Friday through Monday.

So where exactly did the thing-a-lings come from?

Employees at Schmidt's Bakery tell us the tradition comes from the story of George Washington chopping down a cherry tree. The thing-a-ling is made like a fritter, but with fresh cherries.

Believe it or not, the bakery usually sells more than 70,000 thing-a-lings during this weekend alone. Last year, they made a new record by selling 80,000 thing-a-lings over just three days.

Schmidt Bakery opened in the 1960s and has been making these delectable cherry-filled treats for decades.

For the extra busy weekend, Schmidt relies on extended family to help make, sell and deliver the much-loved thing-a-lings.

But you better get 'em while they're hot because after Monday, thing-a-lings will go away until next Presidents' Day.

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