Students at 6 Boone County schools charged with making threats

Students at 6 Boone County schools charged with making threats

BOONE COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - The Boone County sheriff has charged six students with terroristic threatening and disorderly conduct between Feb. 12 and Feb. 19.

In a news release on Tuesday, Sheriff Michael Helmig said he wants every parent to know he scrutinizes each and every incident involving threats and unlawful behavior in schools.

"In light of the most recent school shooting and the plethora of local social media posts concerning some factual incidents and many rumored and exaggerated renditions we, in an attempt to ease some parents' minds, are setting the record straight by releasing what incidents we've investigated in our Boone County Schools lately," the release reads.

All six students were involved in direct threats and creating alarm in area schools, Helmig said. One of the students who is charged wasn't announced until Wednesday because the case was still under investigation.

The schools involved were Cooper High, Boone County High, Conner High, Ockerman Middle, R.A. Jones Middle, and Gray Middle.

Examples of the threats are as follows:

  • Threats written in the bathroom
  • Telling other students about plans to become the next school shooter
  • Falsely yelling there was a shooter in a cafeteria
  • Sending social media pictures with guns and messages urging kids not to go to school

Lawyers urge students to take behavior seriously after string of threats

He says he has a zero tolerance and has instructed his deputies and school resource officers alike to charge anyone found to have violated the law when it comes to school conduct.

"Parents of Boone County School children can rest assured all incidents and allegations are investigated," the release continued. "The students need to know their actions carry consequences. If what they do is a violation of a criminal law they will be charged in addition to what penalties the school board levies."

Charges in a criminal complaint are accusations only. It is the government's burden to prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.

Boone County Schools released this statement Tuesday:

Boone County Schools is one of many school districts across the country that is being subjected to copy- cat threats of the school tragedy in Florida. We are working with local authorities as they investigate a recent rash of rumors and threats on our campuses. Student suspects in each of the cases were immediately identified and apprehended. They were charged by local authorities and disciplined by their schools. In each case a thorough investigation was conducted by the school district and authorities. No student or staff member was ever in danger. Confidentiality laws prevent Boone County Schools from talking about the persons involved or the specifics of the incidents. Boone County Schools will continue to remain on alert, following our safety protocols and working with the Boone County Sheriff's Department and Florence Police as future issues arise.

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