Adams County bobcat activity prompts trapping season

Updated: Mar. 6, 2018 at 9:21 PM EST
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ADAMS COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - Bobcats are becoming a more common sight in Adams County.

The pictures associated with this story have been captured on various trail cameras throughout the county and now, there are talks to open a bobcat trapping season.

If you don't have small animals, there isn't much of a concern for you. But for those that do, lurking in the woods throughout the county are bobcats that are after a meal. This can cause some concerns for farmers.

"It's very frustrating for the farmers because right now there's no legal way to possess or eliminate a bobcat in the state of Ohio. So, when they have these nuisance calls, there's really not much they can do about it," said state wildlife officer Scott Cartwright.

Meanwhile, bobcats will attack small animals in the city -- that means small dogs or cats. To the rural communities in Adams County, that extends to include chickens.

Cartwright won't officially call the bobcats a problem in Adams County, but rather more of a mystery.

The five-year wildlife veteran does say they need to know much more about the population that boomed in the early 2000s.

"Right now in Zone B, there's 5,581 sq. miles and we've proposed to harvest 20 cats by trapping," Cartwright said.

A trapping season -- opposed to a hunting season -- means the animals will be killed once they are trapped, not hunted in the wild. That image can be disturbing for animal rights advocates.

"It does bring some negative feelings but our trappers, among many other things, they're a management tool. We're going to learn a lot from the carcasses that they bring in and we're going to see how our population is doing and see what we need to do in the future to manage it," said Cartwright.

The newly proposed season will open in November and require trappers to get a hunting license and a few permits before they can set their traps.

"There's so much more to learn. Right now, Ohio University is conducting a study for us. So, the carcasses that are caught this trapping season are going to be going to them for a little more research," said Cartwright.

The permits trappers will need are a special bobcat trapping permit and a fur takers permit -- that's the benefit for the trapper here is they do get to keep the fur. Once 20 bobcats have been trapped the Wildlife Office will let anyone who applied for a permit know the season is closed.

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