Jane 'Buckskin Girl' Doe identified after 37 years

Jane 'Buckskin Girl' Doe identified after 37 years
Marcia King was nicknamed "The Buckskin Girl" for 37 years until her remains were finally identified in April 2018 (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children)

MIAMI COUNTY, OH (FOX19 NOW) - On April 24, 1981, a 21-year-old woman was found strangled to death along a road in Miami County, Ohio.

Her name remained a mystery for 37 years.

Finally, on Wednesday, investigators identified the Jane Doe who became known as "The Buckskin Girl": Marcia L. King, of Arkansas.

King had been dead just a few hours when authorities discovered her body on Greenlee Road, about 20 miles north of Dayton. She was fully clothed, wearing jeans and a fringed buckskin jacket with a Native American design.

That jacket became a key identifier in the cold case and evolved Jane Doe's nickname to "The Buckskin Girl."

King's killer has never been found, but authorities say the case will move forward now that the victim has been identified.

Investigators are focusing on the last month of King's life. She was known to have ties to Pittsburgh and Louisville, Ky., areas.

"Miami County Sheriff's office has worked tirelessly to identify Marcia and they are now moving forward with a homicide investigation," a sheriff's officials said.

It's not clear what brought her from Arkansas to Ohio.

If anyone knew Marcia or remembers coming into to contact with Marcia, they are asked to call the Miami County Sheriff's Office Tip Line at (937) 440-3990 or leave tips at www.miamicountysheriff.org/contact-us-1.

The DNA Doe Project helped to identify King through genetic genealogy. The victim's DNA was obtained from a blood sample that had been in storage since 1981; it was processed using advanced DNA techniques, and uploaded to a public genealogy database, authorities said.

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