Sister recalls tangle between students, Colerain Twp police: 'They were arresting everybody'

Sister recalls tangle between students, Colerain Twp police: 'They were arresting everybody'
Colerain Township police are investigating after this video surfaced showing a confrontation between and officer and bystander recording arrests outside Northwest Passage School Tuesday. (Photo: OK Then Dess Facebook page)

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Video of police cuffing, Tasing, and arresting several people outside the Northwest Passages school in Colerain Township has been shared hundreds of times of social media.

Breasia Thomas says her little sister called her Tuesday morning from school and told her that her brother was in trouble. Breasia and her mother went there and were ultimately arrested.

Video from inside the classroom shows officers arresting at least one student. Officers can be heard telling the kids to: "Shut up."

The incident moved outside. FOX19 has learned at least two people were recording at this point.

"We got up there and my mom was trying to calm my brother down when the police start attacking my mom," said Breasia.

When asked why her mother was arrested, Breasia said it's because she was trying to calm her brother down.

"They were just arresting everybody," she said. "They arrested me for videotaping my mom for calming my brother down."

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil says the 16-year-old, Breasia's brother, was disruptive in class and made a comment about spitting on a staffer's face. The sheriff's office says the teacher and a deputy told him to leave, but he refused and raised his fist to strike the deputy.

Neil said a physical altercation took place between the deputy and the 16-year-old, who failed to comply with verbal commands and continued to resist.

After, multiple arrests ensued outside the school.

"So my mother told me to go get my phone and start recording because they were slamming my brother on the floor, so I went to my car and got my phone and started videotaping," Breasia said. "The officer that arrested my mother starts, he got to my mother, he starts yanking my mother, so I'm videotaping and he starts coming towards me, so you see him back up, so I back up you see my backup, he starts using his hands and starts choking me, he hits me in my face once and starts choking me, so I say, 'Stop hitting me, why you hitting me, why are you hitting me,' and he smacks my phone out my hand."

In new video acquired by FOX19, the officer can be seen reaching for Breasia's phone. She says he did more than that.

"So as he's hitting me, I'm running the opposite direction, he's dragging my mother with him while he followed me to keep hitting me, I put my hands in the air and then he walked away. He had another officer arrest me," she said.

The seven people involved were charged with resisting arrest, criminal trespassing and obstructing official business.

Colerain police and Hamilton County deputies are investigating. They're asking for anyone who may have witnessed the incident -- or anyone who has additional video -- to step forward.

Breasia and her mom are due back in court Thursday morning.

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