Signs your phone has been hacked

Signs your phone has been hacked
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Think about all of the valuable, personal information you have on your phone. A scary new threat could make it possible for your info to land in a hacker's hands, but there are ways to protect yourself.

Dutch researchers just uncovered a new hacking threat affecting Android users called "Glitch". In a nutshell, all a phone user has to do is land on the wrong website; one loaded with malware.

Then hackers use that malware, the phone's browser and its graphics chip to hijack it.

Google says this threat is remote for most users, but it did make software changes to its Chrome browser to try to prevent this. Still, given this threat and others, it's important to know the signs someone may have hijacked your phone.

One big red flag - your smartphone or table seems much slower than usual. Malware running in the background can slow a device's network connection and apps, too.

Another one: Your phone is sending or receiving odd texts. If your friends say they're getting messages from you that you know you didn't send that's a warning sign.

If apps just show up on your phone and you didn't download them, you should be concerned. New pop ups that appear to be from your phone asking you to take various actions are also worrisome.

If you think your phone may have been hacked, you can try running mobile anti-malware software. Here's how to pick the best software for your phone.

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