Four-legged security guard keeping drugs away from school

Four-legged security guard keeping drugs away from school

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - The school halls at Fairfield Senior High School are anything but ordinary, that's because they are monitored by the most vigilant, dedicated and cutest security guard around.

"Through a gr ant process, they were awarded a dog that's a drug prevention and it's also a little bit of a therapy dog for some of our students, it's a nice sort of mascot for our school," said Fairfield High School Principal William Rice.

Her name is Naddi. The German Shepard reports for duty every school day with her handler, and fellow campus security guard, Randy.

"Everybody knows Naddi, there's not one student who doesn't know Naddi," said Madison Schaeffer, Fairfield High School junior.

In a school vote, Naddi would undoubtedly win "most popular."

"She's always playing, licking on everybody, I've never seen a time that she hasn't wanted to play, that's her big thing," said Fairfield High School Student Body President Khalad Salem.

"The idea of Naddi is that it's a preventative force that the kids see here every day roaming the halls, they understand what her purpose is, that she does work the lockers every day, so our hope is that that's another step for our kids to make the decision not to bring any narcotics or drugs into the building," said Rice.

Rice said that's where Naddi plays an invaluable role, as a visible deterrent with a sensory skill set his human security guards don't have, her nose.

Naddi's handler Randy Johnson said his partner is trained to detect various types of drugs as well as gun powder.

"Her detection is she sits and stares, we knew she was going to be in a school, so we didn't train her to bark," said Randy Johnson, Fairfield High School campus security guard and K-9 handler.

Naddi is the real deal, she's a certified K-9. As a matter of fact, she trains alongside police dogs twice a month.

"We work every other Wednesday with Fairfield police and their K-9's to keep her training up," said Johnson.

But Naddi being Naddi, she has a little more fun than her furry colleagues on the force.

"She goes into the training room and most of the dogs come in and you gotta stand real still but she comes in and has to get petted by every officer before she takes her turn running to check for drugs," said Johnson.

So, how successful has she been here on campus in deterring kids from bringing drugs on?

"There's been less every year, she's been a very good deterrent, each year found less, I guess you would say she's done a very good job because once you find less and less each year, that's what you want," said Johnson.

In fact, Fairfield City Schools report a 42 percent d rop in busts since Naddi started patrolling the halls.

"She definitely scares some of the students in here, scares them to the point that they know not to bring drugs in the building," said Schaeffer.

"I feel like students in general are too scared to do anything because they think that Naddi will get them where they need to be got," said Salem.

Though Naddi has superior focus, there are two scenarios that pose a slight distraction; those mischievous squirrels and the mysterious wonder that is the school elevator.

"The only time she'll be on a dead sprint is if she's going to the elevator, that's her favorite thing, riding the elevator," said Schaeffer.

She's a true school mascot, one that protects the halls while filling them with smiles and laughter.

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