IN school district adding bullet-resistant glass for added safety

IN school district adding bullet-resistant glass for added safety
Rising Sun High School

RISING SUN, IN (FOX19) - An Indiana school district is adding bullet-resistant glass to it's doors and windows in an effort to ward off any would-be intruders.

Rising Sun High School school officials said this addition is just one of several way the district is keeping it's students safe.

Superintendent Branden Roeder said the new safety measures come courtesy of a grant from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

"You can see out of it when you are in the building, but when you are actually outside the building you can not see in... so that's another layer of security for our students and staff," he said.

The mesh film is glued over the glass still allows a bullet to go through, but it won't shatter.

So if someone's trying to enter the building and getting around our lock system, they can't shatter the glass with a bullet," Roeder said.

Senior Matt Martini applauds the new safety measures, but wonders if they are really needed around here.

"I think that's a good move but I don't know, we just, I've never felt unsafe in Rising Sun High School," he said.

School administrators are not taking any chances and are also utilizing a new panic button program app on their phones.

"We downloaded a School Guard app and every employee and every local police officer will have this - so if I was to push this button it's going to allow me to send a notification to every person who had this on their phone that an intruder alert was in place. It would give a map of the location of where the thing was pushed and it's going to be a lot faster access for police to know where to go and not have the lag of time for the 911 call," Roeder said.

The bullet-resistant film will be going on all the windows over the summer.

The district said it is also adding a second resource officer next year to cover both the high school and middle school.

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