Secrets for saving at theme parks

Secrets for saving at theme parks
Racer roller coaster at Kings Island (Provided by Kings Island)

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Theme parks can be really pricey, and the tickets are just the start of it. We've got some tips for saving on all of the extras.

Dining plans can save you money, if you'll eat a few meals at the park. Or you could eat a big breakfast at home, bring water bottles to fill at the park and plan on just a snack or light lunch later in the day. Some families bring coolers and either take a picnic break or eat on the ride home.

Season passes are a great deal, if you really do plan to visit the park at least two or three times this year. But remember, that pass just gets you in the gate, so make sure there's really room in the budget and time in your schedule for several trips.

Whether you're going to Kings Island, Disney World, Universal or somewhere else, you have the option of paying a premium to skip the long lines. But fast passes are very expensive. At Kings Island, you'll pay $70 for a Fast Lane pass, and $85 for a Fast Lane Plus - and that's on top of your ticket.

Not all of the rides are included on that regular Fast Lane pass, either. You'll have to pay the $85 if you want to skip the line at Mystic Timbers, Flight of Fear, The Beast and other top rides.

If you can't swing that extra cost, get to the park early, and start at the back of the park, near those popular rides, and that should mean shorter lines.

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