Avoiding skimmers at the pumps

Safest gas pumps

FOX19 - Credit card skimmers are a real problem at gas stations, but a new report says certain pumps are much safer to use.

A new Krebs on Security post say San Antonio police investigated more than 100 skimming attacks at a gas station there and found that a certain kind of pump is much more likely to be hit by thieves.

Those investigators found nearly all of those skimming attacks happened at older model pumps with vertical card readers, and flat keypads.

Those investigators say newer pumps are far more secure. Those new pumps feature horizontal card slots, and a raised, metallic keypad; one that looks more like a traditional payphone keypad.

Turns out those newer machines have additional safeguards built into them, and will shut down if someone tries to tamper with them. Those metallic keypads are encrypted unlike the flat ones. The San Antonio investigators say they haven't see a single skimming attack on those newer pumps.

Before you fill up, take a close look at the pump. Try to choose pumps with those horizontal card slots and raised metal keypads. Also, never use a debit card at a gas station. Credit cards mean better fraud protection.

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