Parking meter rates on the rise

Parking meter rates on the rise

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati City Council increased parking meter rates as part of the $407 million dollar fiscal budget packaged approved Wednesday.

The city had to offset a $32 million dollar budget deficit.

"It's out of hand. It's got to stop," said Jay Karp, owner of Main Auction Galleries on Fourth Street about the rate hike. "We're all in trouble."

City council's approved budget includes various increases in meter rates throughout the city, including more than $3/hour to park downtown.

"We have to look at new revenue enhancements and the parking adjustments do bring in some additional resources that are critical in terms of our ability to deliver core services," said Cincinnati City Council Member Greg Landsman.

The new regulations go into effect Aug. 1 and some meters downtown will now charge more than $3 an hour, according to Council Member Amy Murray, who was one of two "no" votes on the rate hike.

"You don't just go to parking meters and say we need more money so let's just keep increasing the rate of parking meters," she said. "It's going to discourage people from coming and shopping in the city of Cincinnati."

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