Look out for gas station skimmers when traveling this Fourth of July

Secret Service looking for skimmers

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The Secret Service is getting ready for what they expect to be a busy week for thieves using skimmers.

The branch of Homeland Security will have 36 different field offices out checking for the credit card skimming devices. In a release, the Secret Service stated they ran a similar operation during the Memorial Day holiday weekend and recovered more than 70 skimmers being used to steal people's credit/debit card information.

Locally, the Butler County Auditor's Office has been working closely with area gas stations to stay vigilant.

"We have ramped up our review and searching for the skimmers during this time of year, as we do with any time around a holiday," Auditor Roger Reynolds said.

The auditor's office recommends using the gas pumps closest to the attendant's booth, stating that criminals are more likely to choose a pump that is in a less visible area. Reynolds also suggests paying in cash for your gas and searching for gas stations with better pump technology.

"Kroger has more modern pumps," Reynolds said. "They have a pump that if the door is open the pump automatically shuts down and it requires a manager to come in and reset the gas pump before it will work again."

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