Special glasses allow teen to see first fireworks

Special glasses allow teen to see fireworks for first time

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A Warren County 17-year-old hasn't been able to experience fireworks because of a visual impairment - until now.

Primo Averion has been legally blind for most of his life.

"I haven't really seen actually seen fireworks-fireworks. I can like feel them and I can sort of… I can obviously hear them, but just seeing them has always just been like a flash in the sky, nothing very exciting to see," Averion said.

A company called eSight was able to put a new lease on his vision with a special device.  Averion's new specs can condense the world around him to fit in-line with his visual capabilities.

"It's just such a gift, it's just truly a gift to see him look at anything," his mother, Lisa Averion, said.

On Wednesday, Averion took in his first Firework show at Kings Island and said he absolutely loved it.

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