Director of Brown County Veterans Office suspended after bullying accusations

Head of Brown County Veterans Service under fire

BROWN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - The man in charge of tending to the needs of Brown County veterans has been accused of verbal abuse and bullying.

Brown County Veterans Office Director Ralph Fox has been suspended without pay pending an investigation into his conduct. This move comes after problems were reported at the office in Georgetown.

In a letter sent to Judge Scott Gusweiler and the Brown County Board of Commissioners, Richard Rhoads, the head of VFW local 9772 in Mt. Orab called for change.

The head of VFW local 9772 in Mt. Orab sent off this letter to Judge Scott Gusweiler and the Brown County Board of Commissioners.

"For several years the Brown County Service Office has, on a number of occasions, been guilty of not serving our nation's veterans in a commendable manner. This derogatory action towards local men and women who served is unacceptable." said Rhoads.

County records say Fox created a hostile work environment by making derogatory remarks and bullying.

He is also accused of threatening a staff members several times, once while holding a gun.

Vietnam Vet, Mike Schatlze says the last thing his brothers in arms need is a place they don't feel welcome when they come home.

"And they sure as heck don't need to go through the problems of the military, PTSD type stuff and then come here and get somebody chewing your butt, harassing you, especially with a gun in what should be a safe place." said Schatlze

The five members of the Veterans Services Board in Brown County are expected to rule on Fox's case in the next couple of weeks.

Fox did not respond when asked to comment.

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