'I think it's actually kind of cool': Huge Mayfly swarm caught on camera in Hamilton

Mayfly swarm spotted in Hamilton

HAMILTON, OH - If you live near one of the many rivers that run through the Tri-State, Mayflies may be bugging you.

A video circulating on social media this week shows a swarm of bugs near a streetlight in Hamilton. In some cases, swarms of Mayflies even show up on weather radar.

"We had to roll our windows up," said resident Lisa McMillion. "It was literally swarming from this part of the bridge ... all the way to the west side."

McMillion is the one who posted the video of the somewhat frightening flock -- she says in her seven years living in Butler County she has never seen anything quite like this.

"Everybody thinks it's gross. I don't think it's gross," she said. "I think it's actually kind of cool so it was very interesting to see that."

The life-span of the Mayfly is not long -- and the yearly swarms of these insects usually only pop up for three to five days at a time near bodies of water. But the swarm isn't always quite this thick.

Experts say males and females come out and go through a mating flight at this time of year, though the adults die quickly, making it a short-lived phenomenon. They say the presence of the bugs -- who are believed to predate dinosaurs on Earth -- may serve as a compliment of sorts to the health of the local environment and water quality of the Great Miami River.

The good news here is that they don't pose a threat to anyone and they're not carriers of disease -- they're really more of an annoyance or visual wonder (depending on how you feel about bugs).

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