'One more shot, he's still breathing': Brutal pit bull attack leaves bloody scene

Police thwart dog attack
Updated: Jul. 13, 2018 at 10:28 PM EDT
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TAYLOR MILL, KY (FOX19) - A brutal pit bull attack in Taylor Mill recently sent two people to the hospital and left their home looking like the scene of a massacre.

It all happened Thursday just before 11:59 p.m. on St. Matthews Circle. A call came in about a dog bite and police responded.

"Where you at?" an officer can be heard asking on body camera as he followed the sound of a man struggling with an animal in the backyard.

Taylor Mill Police rolled-up on the yard to find the family's pit bull actively attacking the man. In the recording, moaning can be heard before the officer yells at the animal.

"Get back," the officer yelled.

The dog let go of the man and charged at the officer.

"Get back! Get back," he yelled again before firing one shot.

At that point, the dog was down, but the ordeal was not over.

"One more shot, he's still breathing, put him out of his misery," an officer can be heard saying.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The video below contains audio of the officer killing the dog. It has been edited down from its original length. Viewer discretion is advised.

The entire incident resulted in blood throughout the house and all over the yard.

"Taylor Mill 4 Dispatch, have our squad get here immediately, severe lacerations, from head to toe," an officer said. "Have them get here ASAP, he's bleeding out everywhere."

At this point, police had not seen the inside of the home. Once inside, they found blood on the floors, the kitchen cabinets, and up and down the walls.

A family member, Noah, told FOX19 the dog's name was Rocky. At 4 years old, he said the dog has never acted aggressively in the past and has no idea what set the dog off.

Noah heard the dog attacking his mom, Angela Tucker, in the living room, so he threw a glass of water on the dog. The dog then turned on Noah's step-dad, Jeff Studer, and a bloody trail led outside to where police found him pleading for help.

"The ambulance is coming buddy," said the officer to the man, as he was bleeding on the ground.

"That dog, he's been, he's been so good forever," he said, straining to speak. "And thank you for killing him."

Animal control came and took Rocky away. Noah says both parents are undergoing surgery at UCMC. His mom has a massive bite wound to the arm and leg -- he said he could see the bone in his mom's arm.

His stepdad has an injury to his arm and leg.

Taylor Mill police are still investigating.

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