VIDEO: Crutches used as weapon in Westwood brawl

VIDEO: Crutches used as weapon in Westwood brawl

WESTWOOD, OH (FOX19) - A video circulating on social media appears to show a fight involving crutches that unfolded in Westwood.

In the video clip, which is about 30 seconds long, young people can be seen yelling and fighting along Baltimore and McHenry on July 13. It's not clear what started the brawl or how it ended, but in the video, at least two people are carrying crutches and using them in the altercation.

"It's unfortunate. I really feel like these kind of incidents are isolated, and hopefully those involved didn't get injured," said Shawntee Stallworth Schramm, who is the vice president of the Westwood Civic Association and part of Westwood Uniting to Stop the Violence.

Schramm said she's active in the Westwood community and is one of many uniting to stop violent crime. So far, she said they've felt success and have seen a decrease in detrimental behavior. The efforts launched in 2016 and have since evolved into neighborhood events, focus groups, research, and a youth council.

"What I think is important is having rec centers and places for youth to hang out and express energy and kind of have a congregating place," Schramm said.

Though she hopes a fight like the one captured on video doesn't happen again, should it come up, she wants witnesses to do more than just watch.

"It's really important for the police to know what's going on in the community if they need to monitor a situation," Schramm said.

A Cincinnati police spokesperson said he was checking with officers to determine whether they had been called out to the fight and if so whether anyone was arrested or charged.

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