Is Fortnite addictive?

Is Fortnite addictive?

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - You may have heard of Fortnite. The online game is popular among millions in the U.S.

More than just a shooting game, Fortnite includes multiple layouts and weapons with the goal of being the last player standing. There's also a social aspect, which, according to Minds at Peace founder Mark Levine, is part of why kids crave it.

"Those particular kind of games where you can play against other people online are a kind of social piece to the game," Levine said. "And that's part of what makes it addictive."

Connor Burns, 11, plays the majority of his day.

"The other day I played seven hours on end without a break," he said.

Joseph Wischer, 12, says he knows he plays for too long.

"The only time I take a break is when I'm going to the restroom, eating or have a question for my family," he said.

So is the game addictive? Levine says it depends on the person, and there's no set amount of time that qualifies for a gaming addiction. But too much gaming, he says, can lead to depression and a loss of communication skills.

"It's certainly something that's becoming more and more prevalent and we're going to see it a lot more," said Levine, who currently is treating one patient for video game addiction.

The World Health Organization has classified video game addiction as a mental health disease. Levine says teens are the target and that addiction can progress leading to serious problems. For tips to spot game addiction, click here.

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